Getting Ready for Take-Off

Research Phase

I don’t have any additional research to discuss at this point, but I wanted to write a little about where we stand right now. On Tuesday, June 2nd, we ordered our tandem 7000 lb drop axles, which, with everything included (hangers, springs, break away cable set, 8000 lb jack, chains, etc.), cost us an arm and a leg. There is absolutely NO going back now! These are custom ordered, so they can’t be returned. At the end of the build, I will post an overall breakdown of actual costs rather than discuss each purchase as it happens.

We are experiencing a lot of late nights and early mornings, unable to sleep, mulling over details in our heads regarding measurements on the scale of fractions of inches, the uncertainties we haven’t decided on yet, and the fact that this pipe dream is becoming a reality. Recently, we tried to set a rule of “No Tiny Housing after 10pm” to allow our minds to be in a restful state when going to bed… we haven’t had a lot of luck with sticking to this rule yet! Shocking.

I was speaking with my mom about all the goings on with the Tiny House plans, and she brought up an interesting point. She basically told me to cherish and hold on to my youthful ‘ignorance’ and willingness to take risks. She said that from her experience, as people get older, often times they become more acutely aware of the potential negative outcomes of various decisions, resulting in a more reserved approach. Of course this isn’t true as a rule, but I think in a lot of cases she’s right. I also think that this is something that can be changed. If more people take on projects that are risky and show the people around them it CAN be done, it won’t be seen as such a crazy thing when the status quo is challenged.

If I could give a piece of advice to anyone wanting to go this route, it would be this: reach out and ask for help! I have been kinda nervous about telling people about our plans, for fear of judgement, or disapproval. Until a few weeks ago, we didn’t have a solid plan for where we were actually going to build our Tiny House. So we decided to appeal to our friends and family and see if anyone could help us. And it was most successful!! At first, we were thinking that we should be trying to track down a vacant piece of land to use for our build. And then it dawned on me while out for a drive around the bay last week, that what would make a lot more sense, would be to seek a cabin that had adjacent land available for the build, and rent it. If there’s one asset that most Newfoundlanders have, it’s a cabin. We were put in touch with a fella with just the thing, and will be starting the framing part of the build near his cabin towards the end of June! Shout out to all the people who responded to my facebook and word of mouth requests!! I was so touched by all the offers that came out of the woodwork. It has really meant the world to me to have all of your support behind us 😀

Another heads up to those interested in going Tiny- if you’re building the trailer yourself like we are, keep in mind that the axles take time to be shipped since they will most likely be custom made. We were told two weeks. It actually isn’t terrible though, because with that time, Tim is able to carefully solidify his plans for the steel order and the construction of the trailer. We expect the axles to arrive the week of June 15 – June 19, which means we can get started on the trailer as early as June 20. Tim expects the metal fabrication and welding to take approximately 5 days. Fortunately, we are able to do all of that work at a local welding shop, which won’t cost us anything since Tim (and his handy assistant, Jess!) is doing the work.

So until our axles arrive, we will continue watching our DIY How-To videos, measuring twice, and try not to get too ahead of ourselves by comparing interior finish and appliance options (I’m guilty :P). Can’t wait for the build to start. We have been helping my dad clean out his garage, and I found an old leather tool belt which he has given to me with his blessing- I am ecstatic. The next post will hopefully have some pictures of our real life trailer parts!

Here’s a great article for your reading pleasure:

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