Pre-Trailer Build Update

Research Phase

Between the jigs and the reels, we have been delayed by about a month on our Tiny House build, due to things outside of our control. It has been a challenge, since we are very eager to start; and, the more time we have to ponder, the more chances there are to panic and worry! A few things have happened since I last wrote, and we have spent a bit more money. The axles arrived right on time, but since the steel wasn’t ready yet we let them hang out in the warehouse over at our supplier’s for a few weeks. We picked them up (and all their associated parts) and brought them to our trailer building location two weeks ago.

After shopping around extensively, we ordered our windows and front door on June 24. WHO KNEW windows were so expensive?! We collected a load of quotes, but the place we settled on was the best by far. I highly encourage you to shop around if you’re in the market for this kind of stuff! It’s amazing the price differences you’ll see for seemingly identical products. My heart was set on wooden aluminum clad windows, but we found out from the dealers that going that route is anywhere from double to quadruple the cost of vinyl. For reference, if any of you guys are looking for top notch windows, we’ve come to understand that Pella are very good, as are Norwood. If money were no object, I’d be getting Norwood, since they’re made in New Brunswick (yay for the Atlantic Canadian eonomy!) and they’re designed for the climate we are so luckily situated in (as I sit inside on July 21st while the thermometer is topping out at 9°C…). Since we are not rolling in dolla bills, we took it on the chin and went with Acan vinyl windows and steel door. We’re happy with this purchase none the less, since Acan products are made right here in Newfoundland, and they have all the necessary Energy Star and CSA certified ratings to withstand the most severe weather in Atlantic Canada. We are still waiting for these to arrive, but I’m psyched we’ll have them prior to starting the framing so there will be no mistakes made on rough openings.

Main event: we got word today that our steel has finally arrived! So we are aiming to have our trailer constructed by the middle (or maybe end) of next week. We cannot wait to have this phase completed and to get everything shifted out to our main build site, about an hour outside St. John’s. Pictures will be soon to follow!

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